Monday, 26 November 2007

The Horrors

The Horrors – 11/04/07
@The Concorde 2, Brighton
What would sixties garage sound like if it were played by a bunch of make up wearing, horror film watching goths? Here’s your answer, The Horrors. They take to the stage in a blur of skinny jeans and silly haircuts. The audience is a heathing mass of long haired teenagers, screaming ecstatically as they jump around. I even hear a young girlie screaming “I love you” which I must say is a first, as the indie scene is alien to me in some ways, particularly the idea of worshipping musicians, but the status these guys hold in the eyes of their young fans is not entirely undeserved. They do well to incorporate elements of genres as diverse as punk, garage, blues, surf, metal and I suppose the horror inspired fifties atmosphere nods towards psychobilly as well, although I’m not sure if the band would agree.
The strumming rhythmical guitars provide simplistic but catchy melodies along with a rhythm section offering a medium paced stomping beat to most songs. The hammond organ melodies drive the whole thing along, much as you would expect from a sixties garage band, the difference is that the melodies are dark and moody, somewhat like theremin samples from a fifties B-movie and the singer's vocals like the screams of a mad man.
The crowd go mental for favourites like “Sheena is a parasite” and a cover of the classic “craw daddy simone” and they don’t stop cheering all the way through. The band appear to enjoy the audience interaction as the singer leaps from the stage into the arms of his adoring fans, claiming afterwards “I wanted to join you” However when the band leave the stage and fail to return for an encore, many audience members are overheard expressing their disappointment.
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