Thursday, 11 September 2008

interview with S.C.U.M

S.C.U.M (society for cutting up men) is a group of young londoners playing psychedelic electro punk. Their name is taken from a group of feminist extremists. After seeing their performance at Offset festival, i caught up with singer Tom Cohen and drummer Rory for an interview

How did you feel about tonight, did you have a good time?

Rory:Yeah, everything really came together and I think it felt better than ever, almost better than any other gig we’ve done.

How are people supposed to feel when they hear S.C.U.M?

Rory: However they want to feel

What do you think of festival shows?

Rory:It was good to do something a bit more away from London, we play a lot of gigs there, it’s only ever really been in London, this is a bit further out and especially with other great bands like WIRE, it’s a good experience.

Did you watch WIRE’s set then?

Rory:I didn’t, don’t write that though

Any other bands you were happy to be playing with?

Rory:Selfish cunt!

What are the plans for your future?

Rory: On 15th September we have a 7’ “visions arise” coming out on loog records . on September 11th we have a single launch at Shoreditch church.

Is there any significance to that date being chosen for the launch?

Rory: Absolutely not, it’s a few days before the single is released.

So you’ve just had to mission all the way from a gig in Norwich to here?

Tom: Yeah, it was bizarre, really really bizarre at a village county fair or something with Victoria sponges and people sitting down on the local grass.

You had Victoria sponge in your rider?

Tom:Yeah we did! Victoria sponge cakes!

What was the Norwich crowd like?

Tom: Sitting down, very sparse, very scared.

It’s quite a rural culture there

Tom: Yeah, but I think we’re quite rural as people. We like the countryside quite a lot, we’re not from the countryside, but we enjoy it.

What do you think about offset so far? Have you enjoyed it?

Tom: I think there’s more rides than stages, tacky rides. There’s a very low quality ghost train that no one is going on.

How do you want to the audience to feel when they’re watching you play?

Tom: I want them to feel as though they’re experiencing something rather than watching a band you know? When we’re on stage we don’t feel like we’re just there to play our songs, we feel like we’re there experiencing something ourselves and my main hope would be that everyone experiences it too, it whatever sense that may be; love, hate….

What are your influences, musical or otherwise?

Tom: We’re all into electronic music, most of our music extends from punk, we’re into psychedelia
Rory: what’s interesting is everyone has their own tastes, we all like the same kind of things, but everyone has their extreme little tastes that they’re really into personally.
Tom: I think the main band that we’re all really into recently is a band balled Add N to X, quite a lot of bands on Mute records, drum and Bass…

There's a lot of reverb on your vocals, is that a psychedelic influence?

Tom:I don’t think it came from influence, we were in the studio…
Rory: it just adds another dimension.
Tom: I mean like as a person who writes the lyrics and sings them, I’m not really too into everyone hearing everything you know?

Is it too personal?

Tom: No it’s not too personal, I’d just rather leave it open to interpretation as to what our songs mean to different people. The effect was just to make it more of an instrument. There’s a band on now I want to go and see called Ulterior, have you got enough stuff?

Yeah that’s cool, cheers.
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