Monday, 1 June 2009

Prom night Kiss

Prom night Kiss are an emo band hailing from the most dangerous and violent city in the world, Caracas, Venezuela. Lets have a chat eh?

How do people react to your live shows?

It actually depends on the stage we're invited to play at... As Rock is not the most popular music style in this zone of the world, the market's been increasing lately and we've received more support and earned more fans. We hope this keeps improving everyday as well as the band will.

have any of you been the victims of violence in Caracas?

Well, actually most of us... It's very common to be attacked by a theft at least once a year in Caracas.. As a group we haven't but individually, unfortunally yes, several times.

what is your opinion on gang violence in caracas?

Gang violence is not such a big problem compared to single-man violence acting... I mean, it's more common to be stealed or attacked by a single guy than by a whole gang... The gangs are more tended to bank robbery and vandalism... At least that's what we've seen out there.

Are there any government initiatives that could help young musicians like yourselves?

Well there are a couple of improvements lately about music promotion by the government, one is a rock festival called "Gillmanfest" organized by a Legendary HeavyMetal frontman from Venezuela called Paul Gillman. But this is more like metal-oriented. Another new chance is a state-tv-channel show called "Rock Crepuscular" in which bands are invited to play live and it's transmission is all around the country. But we really think here's more talent to be exploted, so we need more government support, like creating a national disc label to promote local bands and solo artists... Not only the classic music how it's been happening till now.
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