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The band are seated in an unlit room eating cheez-its while Jacob Cooper from The Mae Shi works on laptop producing the new Teeth!!! 7’ for Moshi Moshi singles club.

You guys have been working on a lot of stuff recently haven’t you?

Veronica: We’ve done a split with Fair Ohs, it hasn’t been released yet. We’ve also done a split with Finally punk, Pens, the Vivian girls, best fwends, everyone and their mum basically, on eat your hands records, all the songs are 30 seconds long and it will be released for free. Now working on the singles club 7 for Moshi Moshi.

Will you be releasing anything yourselves?

Ximon: we’ve got this idea to do this daft punk cut up ep of four songs, where basically we’re gonna take the songs and fuck it up. We also did some stuff on stop scratching but it took forever, so we kinda hate them now.
Simon: What?
Veronica: No, they have our cassettes but we never gave them a track listing so a bunch of our tapes are just sitting around.
Simon: we just need to email them.
Veronica: we have a lot of better things in line. We record a lot of ep’s in our rehearsal space that you can download for free. The jam stuff we give away free is stuff we play once, but its still good and we won’t play it again.
Ximon: unless we develop it into a live thing eventually. I like having songs we play once then that’s it, set in stone.

What is it you like about that throw away music thing?

Veronica: I think it’s that you can just publish it. It’s like blogging.
Ximon: It’s kind of like the idea of capturing something. A song can change each time its played. The vibe changes and stuff. So its nice to capture a vibe and that’s it.
Veronica: That way we can be fresh
Ximon: They’re all like vibes, our songs.
Veronica: Happy accidents.

How does living in Dalston affect your music?

Veronica: well we practice in a squat, for free. Dalston is nice because you can find that sort of thing.
Ximon: Totally, and also the bands connected with the area have been really supportive.
Simon: I don’t think it affects the music directly but it affects the situation and therefore the context. It provides us with a space to do it. Our equipments crappy but…
Veronica: No one judges us. Ha!
Ximon: It does affect us because if we had loads of money we would get a better laptop.
Simon: the music wouldn’t be the same.

Where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from?

Veronica: Ximon showed me this alchemy thing this morning, on windows 95 the visualisations on windows media player.
Ximon: yeah if you look at it on windows 95 computers there’s a switch called alchemy, it looks really good, like now. I want to take it and change it.
Veronica: Its not retro, its just beautiful. We look at it and then we bond.
Ximon: At first we kind of wrote political songs. On sexuality and the war and stuff. We kind of just write songs, I guess a lot of our music is about technology or something. Technology, the future….and Dalston and Ridley road market.
Simon: …and Slipknot.

What was the most fun gig you ever played?

Simon: The Hobgoblin in Brighton. We had a string of bad shows. We had a really crap show at the Macbeth in Shoreditch for some magazine the day before. But the next day we got to the hobgoblin kind of early, met up with Thee-fair-ohs and cold pumas.
Veronica: That was a sex is disgusting show, those guys are really nice. There were fat old rockers at the Hobgoblin but they really liked us.
Ximon: I showed up a couple of hours before the show, fucked!
Simon: we were trying to figure out how to play without Ximon and his lap top with Eddie from Thee-fair-ohs on guitar.
Veronica: It was a fun show because it wasn’t the same people.
Ximon: People were super into it, dancing on stage and stuff. Freaking out.
Veronica: The stag and dagger show was really professional, it sounded really good. It was at 93 feet east.
Ximon: After 93 feet east it would be really nice to play somewhere with a nice sound system. Because their system was so fucking good. We’re playing boutique and Winter well festivals this year. We’re playing before Metronomy and Norman Jay. Lol! I’m d-jaying with Telepathe next week at The Smell in LA.
Simon: hopefully we’re going to New York in September.
Veronica: That’ll be fun because we haven’t been to the east cost yet.

How was the tour of the states you did?

Veronica:It was like a road trip
Ximon: Those kids at the smell babes! They were awesome. They were waiting outside when we arrived and they were like “are you from Teeth!!!? AWESOME! YEAAAAH! YOU GUYS RULE! What software do you use?
Veronica: and then Simon was like “Dude we use fruity loops.” And they were like “AHHHH AWESOME COOL! Whats fruity loops? I’m too young to know.”
Simon: and then we sold them blank DVD’s They bought our t-shirts and afterwards they were running down the street with it going “WOOOOO!” We made one t-shirt and one DVD, we could have sold so much more.
Ximom: We got interviewed for this online TV rock and roll super show. We were on it with Steve Aoki talking about dildos. The smell was kind of a weird venue because there’s no drugs or alcohol. I was freaking out like “ ah, I need a drink!”
Veronica: They sell coffee right?
Ximon: but I think its good because people actually listen to the music properly.

Is there anything that annoys you about the modern music scene?

Veronica: We don’t play guitars and everyone else does. I feel judged.
Ximon: I was pissed off that we didn’t get invited to play Rad fest. Because everyone played guitars but us.
Veronica: Yes way was fun. Upset the rhythm festival, with everyone playing this day festival. It was fun.
Simon: we played at the perfect time as well. When everyone was just getting into it. There was crowd surfing.
Veronica: people crowd surfing is a good gig.
Simon: Bad journalism annoys me.
Veronica: when they say “oh yeah you guys sound like crystal castles.” We get compared to them a lot.

Who do you want to get compared to?

Ximon: Numbers, Britney Spears babes!
Veronica: Beyonce!
Simon: Guns n Roses!

Tell me a bit about when you were more political?

Veronica: Ximon just has to be socially responsible for everything. Talking about beauty and peace.
Ximon: Before, that was kind of an idea..
Veronica: we also tried to do political disco but that didn’t work out.
Ximon: The other band dissolved, then Veronica took some time out to go to New York, then when she came back we were like lets make something. I was living in East Dulwich so we hung out one time and made a song.
Veronica: we say political because Ximon writes some things he’s thinking about. Then I’ll dilute it.

Dilute it?

Veronica: he’ll be like “fuck the government! Bla bla bla! Bring our soldiers back!” and then I’ll be like oh ‘dead boys’ yeah that’s a pop song.
Ximon: but its about getting dumped as well right?
Veronica: no. its emotional now

It’s about getting dumped and getting the troops back?

Simon: it sounds so shit.
Veronica: It’s a cheesy song.
Ximon: (whispers) it’s political.

What’s in store for the future?

Veronica: He’s gonna make us famous (points to Jacob from The Mae Shi)
Jacob: I’m checking my facebook.
Ximon: I’m trying to set up this PA project, with a couple of other bands who are up for playing. We’re gonna do a two day festival to raise money for a PA and also enrol bands who want to use a big PA.
Veronica: so you can have a sound system in a place that isn’t The Old Blue Last.
Ximon: yeah, so you can use different venues like houses and stuff. It’s for anyone who wants to put a show on but can’t because they havn’t got the money for a PA.

Have you guys ever had trouble with the police?

Ximon: I’ve been arrested a few times for breaking and entering.
Veronica: Trying to squat a place.
Ximon: I was charged, they gave me an £80 fine but I didn’t pay it and then I got really paranoid. Then after a year I phoned the police and was like “hey, I think I’m wanted.” They asked me my name so I told them, then they said there was no record of you owing a fine. The police woman was so nice, I think basically me and her were best friends.

What do you like best about being in Teeth!!!?

Simon: For me its been a chance to meet other bands.
Ximon: but some bands, babes, are fucking rude!

Are you gonna name drop?

Veronica: YES!
Ximon: Do we start dissing other bands? (to Jacob) Is that ok?
Jacob: Yeah. We do that all the time.
Ximon: The XX are soooo annoying. They are the most boring band ever.
Jacob: wait what was the question…are there bands you don’t like?
Veronica: nah, we just decided to talk shit all of a sudden.
Ximon: I couldn’t imagine being in a band that plays really boring slow wannabe goth music. I mean where’s the fun in that? There’s no fun! Imagine going from town to town and doing that!
Veronica: spreading sadness worldwide.
Ximon: It’s bullshit, go and write some fun songs. I mean we don’t have the best equipment, our drum kits fucked and Veronica obviously can’t sing but we have like, the best time.
Simon: not like Hype Williams.
Veronica: Fuck Hype Williams.
Ximon: No don’t start a war because Roy knows shit loads of people! There’s also corey, Veronica’s ex-boyfriend.
Veronica: Ohmygod, Don’t talk about that!
Ximon: and Roy is shagging this weird girl. Basically they’re just really mean, we played this show with them. They took double the money they were meant to get and were threatening this 18 year old kid who put the show on and was obviously really sweet.
Simon: They were like, “give us the money; we’re not leaving until you do.”

Did you guys get paid that night?

Veronica: No, we didn’t, we didn’t get any money. The kid is literally just in college, living on a student loan, has no money.
Ximon: It’s different if you wanna fuck over a big corporate promoter, but don’t pick on someone who actually likes live music and has a fucking heart.
Jacob: Heeeeea-vy
Ximon: They know a bunch of cool people who work for the magazines and they can just call them and say “hey babes come and put my shit band in your magazine so we can get paid £200 a show.” Do loads of shit on stage and not give a fuck and then go and buy some weed….Ok that sounds pretty cool, but in reality its not if you’re fucking over 18 year old kids and other bands.

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