Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fair Ohs

Free Download: Fair Ohs - I'm a Woman, I'm Your Wife

How come garage rock is still cool?

Eddy - its not. but playing simple music is pretty cool, and i guess if you play simple music on crappy equipment it just ends up sounding like garage rock right? and simple music is always cool.
We're definitely not a garage rock band, though its an influence along with the hardcore, African and noise stuff that we rip off. we're playing a garage rock fest in a couple of weeks and we're shittin it because we're going to be busting out our Paul Simon songs and our noise sections and our 80s hardcore shit - and all those garage rock heads are gonna think we're world music geeks in birkenstocks who've listened to too much free jazz and Greg Ginn. Sometimes we're just too punk for our own damn good.

Matt - As eddy says, simple music is pretty cool. I like a few nicely placed chords and a good chorus that will stick in my head and maybe a nice riff to make me move, and that's it. All this super-complicated-look-at-me-I'm-a-musician-stuff is just too much for me, i couldn't care less. The Ramones and Billy Childish did well out of great simple punchy songs that will be remembered for a long time. I couldn't hum a Don Caballero song if my life depended on it.

Joe - I think its the urgency of it still i guess ......and because it's like pop stripped of the production value and it's really cool to hate good production...

Surely the cassette tape is a dead format, why are you releasing some stuff on tape? Did you hand make the felt covers yourselves?

Matt - Probably, but i love them, and not in a kitsch way. I have a great tape deck that sounds rad and means i listen to a whole tape in one sitting, no turning over or skipping songs, just as the band wanted it. I think with mp3's and vinyl, you have all you need, Cd's will hopefully die a death and the tapes are a nice little fun release. They are limited, they are cheap to produce so unlike small labels that lose £500 by having 400 unsold 7"s under their bed, i can shift 50 tapes, make back my money easy and reinvest in the next few tapes, which is fun! I'm looking at releasing 1 tape a month on my label, Suplex Cassettes, as it works. Alys Jenkins, an awesome artist had hand made all the felt from raw materials for an art project and the felt got co-opted into being hand stitched by her into little sleeping bags for the tapes. None of us understand using computers so i made the inserts and stickers using a photocopier, a typewriter and letraset letters. This is not a boast, its a sign of modern inadequacy.

Given the choice would you choose to travel forward or backward through time?

Matt - Backwards for sure. We all get to go forwards sooner or later anyway, why not sample some old shit. I'd probably do a few 'Bill n Ted' style pit stops throughout time.
Joe - back in time! I'll never get over the fact that i will never be able to experience the whole Minneapolis electro/ funk/soul thing when it was happening - I'll never be able to dance to it in a club without some prick thinking it's funny and ironic.

Describe the most awesome gig you could play or have played.

Matt - we've played some good gigs so far, the ones i have enjoyed are when we have played with friends, which is more like meeting for drinks in the pub, apart from having to slink off for 20 mins to play and coming back a little sweatier. Off the top of my head, good times = Bro'ing down with Women, watching Male Bonding drinking coffee to sober up before playing, singing Cold Pumas guitar riffs at Cold Pumas and inappropriate hugging techniques with Teen Sheikhs.

How do you make yourselves stand out from your numerous London contemporaries?

Eddy - Mainly by being collectively better looking than pretty much all of them. We definitely have the highest babe factor out all of them, really

What’s most important about making music for you guys? Fun? Innovation? Or what?

Eddy - f-u-n bitch, its the only real reason to do it. What, you think we're going to make money by playing thrashy garage afro noise punk? nuh-huh, sister.

Matt - Agreed.

How do you get psyched up for a gig?

Eddy - think about Chevy Chase, maybe eat a little ham? that would do it for me.

Joe - by thinking of the food that can be had after we're done like a triple bacon burger from Grubbs in Brighton.

Matt - Wait for one of us to get drunk so we can blame our mistakes on them. Joe is so good at drumming whilst drunk he decided to leave the stage half way through our last song.

What should the audience expect when they go to see Fair Ohs?

Eddy - super awesome good times from three hotties who've listened to lots of Paul Simon and Black Flag.

Matt - some hipshaking, some pointing and berating of the audience, not much knowledge on what the next song is (we are no Fugazi), running on the spot, sweating and shorts.

Whats the sexiest thing that’s happened to Fair Ohs?

Eddy - i tried to fuck a deaf guy's head at one of our gigs once. but it turns out he wasn’t deaf, and i didn’t get my meat completely out. but there was rubbing. and anyway it was in Hoxton, so the guy deserved it. Also, he was Dutch, or German or some shit. Does that count as sexy? Seemed pretty hot to me.

Matt - Meeting each other, love at first sight. We did have a singer who was better looking than us and had a Margaret Thatcher tattoo that all the Sloane girls loved so we kicked him out, leaving us all equally handsome now.

Joe - when we got a peak at how lucky matt's girlfriend is when he sat down not realising that the crotch in his jeans was almost completely gone. We were wetter than an otters pocket!

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