Monday, 25 November 2013

Iran against Arabia

Shah of Iran on the Arabic Occupation of the Tunb Islands from Survive the Jive on Vimeo.

It's not just Israel that hate Iran. Sunni nations have been on hostile terms with Iran and other Shia countries for a very long time. This video from 30th November 1971 reveals pre-revolution Arab/Persian tensions which persist to this day. Iran is regarded as an enemy to surrounding Arabic nations. In this broadast an Arab Sheikh on the other side of the Gulf says the Tumbs belong to him.
Ras Al Khaimah is one of the Arab countries which border the Gulf. This was broadcast a couple of days before it was announced that six of the states were to form a union, which then signed a treaty of friendship with Britain. The union was the work of Sir William Luce.

The Shah's imperial army was the third largest in the Middle East He wanted to discourage British influence in the region and use his military to achieve this.  Below is a transcription of the interview with the Shah of Iran:

Reporter: "Why is three small island so important to Iran?"

His Imperial Highness, The Shah of Persia: "Because first of all they belong to us, and anyway our life depends on the security of navigation there because for sometime to come our main source of revenue will be the outflow of oil".

Reporter: "If the question isn't settled by the end of the year are you prepared to take the Islands by force?"

His Imperial Highness, The Shah of Persia: "It is not a question of being prepared, it is not even discussable."

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