Friday, 15 February 2008

Mumdance 8 Feb

8/2/2008The Old Blue Last’s Mumdance night is already notorious for showcasing the most eclectic mix of tomorrow’s grime, indy, electro and other offensive noise. Tonight word is out that there’s something a bit spesh making an appearance at Vice Magazine’s sticky floored Shoreditch slag magnet.

My nose was running, my mind racing and my eyes wide and crazed as I frantically scrambled over the art fags and B-boys in an attempt to get served, however in my stupor I was able to recognise something uniquely compelling about the band performing. DOKKEBI Q are two Japaneasy electro dub-punks, a bloke who like a Catholic priest at Sunday school, knocks out unforgiving globules of assault on the up turned faces of the crowd, although this kind of assault requires less therapy to get over. Ranging in style from Jungle to Break Beat but with a consistently Dubesque Calypso feel. The sound is well rounded by a female vocalist who has developed a unique take on ragga style toasting which compliments the aggressive death-dub sound well, and brings the whole noise together, kinda like when you force the wrong side of the magnets together, it is against nature, but you are compelled to try. White people have been getting rich on black sounds for decades, now the Orient is catching on.

XX TEENS (previously known as Xerox teens) are the surprise band this evening. A sound that is compiled of the usual art-punk components:- Bass, guitar bloke doing backing vocals, keys, a suitably long haired drummer, lead vocals and another bloke with a snare at side of stage banging away for good measure. Despite their disinterested somewhat aloof manner, I am transfixed by their electro garage punk sound which offers a varied pace and style in well written tunes, which seethe a nonchalant attitude which although contrived is potentially appealing.

There are some heavier cyber punk stomps and some slower stuff like their single “how to reduce the chances of being a terror victim” the lyrics of which exude a cuttingly dry sarcastic attack at social attitudes towards perceived terrorist threat. The band don’t fill the stage very well, although they make the best use of such a small area, it would have been nice to see them go off on one, there was something about their static bodies in white shirts that made them look like your mates band at a secondary school prom, good thing they sound great, I suppose I should be grateful they aren’t another image gimmick band, but I can’t help belonging to the I-phoney generation of short attention spanned philistines! I need some visual stimulation for fucks sake! Piss on each other or cut yourselves if you have any self respect!

This lot are getting lumped in with These New Puritans et al. I recommend them to fans of PIL and The Fall.

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