Friday, 24 January 2020

Interviewed by Survive the Jive

Over the years I have conducted so many interviews that I can't even count them all. I began by interviewing film directors and musicians for magazines and blogs, but in recent years my interviews have only been in video form for my YouTube channel. I am listing them all here chronologically and will update it in future.
  • Mikkey Dee (2007) - Motorhead drummer
  • Shaun Bailey (2008) - British politician for the Conservative party
  • Elliot Grove (2008)- Canadian-born film producer who founded the Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards
  • Dr Dominic Lees (2008) - Associate Professor of Filmmaking at University of Reading
  • O Children (2008) - British goth indie band
  • Thomas Cohen (2008) - Singer of SCUM and husband of Peaches Geldof
  • Aaron Rose (2009) - Film director and artist
  • Real Estate (2009) American Indie band
  • Tonstartssbandht (2009) - American lo-fi indie band
  • Gavin Watson (2009) Photographer
  • Tharaphita (2010) - Estonian metal band
  • TYR (2010) - Faroese Viking metal band
  • The Polecats (2010) - British rockabilly band
  • Boyd Rice (2011) - Experimental sound/noise musician
  • Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya (2017 and 2022) - Hindu Guru and former Professor of Religious Philosophy at Antioch University
  • Barbro Westerholm (2018) - Swedish politician for Liberal party
  • Shanti Pal (2018) - Group Lead, Medicines Safety, Safety & Vigilance, World Health Organization
  • Dr Mariângela Batista Galvão Simão (2018) - WHO Assistant Director-General for Drug Access, Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals
  • Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (2018) - Director-General of the World Health Organization
  • Alan Outram (2018) - Professor of Archaeological Science at the University of Exeter - Bioarchaeologist specialising in zooarchaeology 
  • Edward Dutton (2019) - Anthropologist with a degree in Theology from Durham University and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Aberdeen
  • Rachel Fulton Brown (2020) - Associate professor of History at the University of Chicago
  • Ralph Harrison (2020) - Director of Registered charity The Odinist Fellowship 
  • Sturla Ellingvåg (2020) Norse historian who collaborated with scientists at the University of Copenhagen on ancient DNA projects 
  • Ian Read (2020) - Neofolk musician 'Fire + Ice' and Drihten of the Rune-Gild
  • Raoul Mclaughlin (2020) - Expert in Roman economics with a PhD in Roman Economy and Trade beyond Imperial Frontiers, also founder member of the Classical Association in Northern Ireland 
  • Dr Mark Mirabello (2021) - Author and a professor of history at Shawnee State University

Saturday, 18 January 2020

White Tarim Mummies, Tocharians and other Indo-Europeans of China

Discovery of mummies in the Taklamakan desert of Western China dating back 4,000 years has captivated the imaginations of researchers, who were surprised to discover that they were caucasians from Europe. The answers to the mystery of who these white mummies were might be found in the later history of Xinjiang province; in the Chinese written records of blue eyed and red bearded merchants such as the Yuezhi and the Sogdians from the West and in the manuscripts written in a mysterious Indo-European language known as Tocharian. Clearly there were both Iranic and Tocharian peoples living in Western China in later times, and the Tarim mummies must have been the ancestors of some if not all of them.

The inhospitable Tarim basin became a vital route for merchants, at the crossroads between East and West, the basin is skirted by oasis towns which were stations for anyone traveling on the Silk Road.The caucasian, Europoid mummies and the ancient Indo-European languages of the region challenge popular misconceptions about the limits of European civilisation in the Bronze Age. The material excavated suggests the area was active for thousands of years, with diverse languages, lifestyles, religions, and cultures present.

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Tocharians and Tarim mummies art by Andrew Whyte

Andronovo chariot art by Christian Sloan Hall

OST by Deor (his website coming soon)


Thursday, 16 January 2020

The Medieval Mind and Academic Bias - with Rachel Fulton Brown

Professor Rachel Fulton Brown from the Department of History at the University of Chicago joins me on Jive Talk to discuss the medieval mind and how academic bias in the field of medievalism might prevent us from understanding how people used to think and see the world. Rachel is known on YouTube as fencing bear at prayer #Medievalism

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Jive Talk: My favourite things of 2019

A rundown on some of the things I have been enjoying in the year gone by - specifically new things, that I think you all might also enjoy. Scroll down for links to the content I mentioned in this stream - and sign up to Patreon or subscribe star to access the rest of the stream...


Brute Norse
Bliurini bealodis

Journeys in the Kali Yuga by Aki Cedarberg
Bronze Age Mindset by Bronze age Pervert
Bow and the Club by Julius Evola


Midsummer (2019)
My review 
Mandy (2018)
The Lighthouse (2019)

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Simon Roper
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