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Vendel Pagan Ship Burials and Freyr

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Lithuania's Happy Paganism

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Assault on the Male

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Honour Your Ancestors

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From Runes to Ruins - Interview on Red Ice Radio

Tom explains his motivation for creating a film that is meant to contribute to the identity and dignity of the people of today. We discuss the phenomenon of our disenchanted youth, many of whom amble on meaningless paths with no connections to ancestral roots or culture. Tom describes how his youth spent growing up in the countryside of England shaped his passion for preserving the history of the Anglo-Saxons who founded his country. We look at the nature-based, pre-Christian pagan traditions of Europe that could not be shed with its shift to the imported Christian theological perspective. Then, Tom speaks about various locations of rich history depicted in the film and he gives examples of the deep connectivity that existed between all of the European countries in pagan times. In the second segment, we consider the modern issue of lack of cognizance of history and identification with the land. Tom illustrates treasures of extraordinary artifacts from medieval times found in the area of Sutton Hoo that represent the true richness and advanced nature of the early Anglo-Saxon cultures. Later, we discuss the process of industrialization and the enclosure movement that has forced people off their lands and uprooted Western civilization. Tom talks about the inspiration of J.R.R. Tolkien that has helped to restore a sense of folklore to a world that is craving a shared appreciation of spirituality, simplicity and tradition. We emphasize the importance of learning about and respecting our ancestors in order to exist with dignity and value, and also how we can shine a light on the distorted history and compulsory shame that has been drilled into our heads through academia. At the end, Tom gives us a lesson on ancient sacrificial rituals that were practiced in order to show gratitude to the gods.

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Lewis and Tolkien Debate Myths and Lies

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Film: Penda's Fen

The screenplay written by David Rudkin is rooted in the mystical power of rural England. 'Revolt from the monolith, come back to the village' says the Parson to his son in one scene, summing up the message of the film, set in Worcestershire, which seeks to reconcile the duality of England’s pagan and Christian heritage. The central character, a young Protestant, seemingly homosexual, but deeply conservative, is plagued by mystical sexual visions, first of the devil, then of his hero, the composer Edward Elgar who lived close by. The boy comes to learn of the pagan heritage of the land, and that the spirit of the 7th century King Penda, one of the last Anglo-Saxon pagan kings, still haunts the land.

“Our land must live. This land must live. Our deep, dark flame must never die…Cherish our flame. Our dawn shall come”- King Penda

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BEOWULF: Hurdy-Gurdy

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Endurance of Tradition in Thailand

Watch From Runes to Ruins Online

From Runes to Ruins is now available to watch online for free (as of June 2020)

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