My name is Tom Rowsell, I'm a writer and film maker. I started Survive the Jive in 2007 after I graduated with a BA in Media and Communications. I was embarking on a career as a journalist which was motivated by dissatisfaction with many of the developments of the modern world. I wanted to be a writer and film maker so that I could spread the word about what I thought was wrong with Britain.

The blog started initially with an anti-surveillance and anti-consumerism theme. The first tag-line was "A guide to surviving the surveillance state for the i-Phoney generation". I have always found Hollywood, American consumerism and their related cultures to be vulgar and hostile to my own culture as an Englishman. It deeply troubled me to see how excited many of my generation were by the release of Apple's first iPhone while they were relatively unconcerned by the New Labour government’s mad campaigns for ID cards and DNA databases, illegal wars for "humanitarian" interests and unprecedented levels of immigration to undermine the fabric of our society. These were the issues that concerned me, not frivolous toys and the distractions of popular culture.  

I continued to update this blog as I began internships with various publications in London. I was full of idealism and noble sentiments but they didn’t help me much and it quickly became apparent that getting my political opinions published was not going to be easy. I was inspired by Henry Porter, a journalist at the Observer who took me under his wing for my first internship at Vanity Fair magazine in 2008. Mr. Porter shared my concerns about the Labour party’s proposed surveillance state and had expressed concern for such matters in his numerous articles and in his novel about Stasi surveillance, Brandenburg Gate.

I found it was much easier to get articles published in the cultural sphere, so just as my print media articles increasingly focused on art and music, so too did the content of the Survive the Jive blog. My interviews and reviews of various bands and art galleries were published in Dazed and Confused and iD magazine, amongst others.

I was looking for alternatives, politically, spiritually and ideologically, to the hegemony of the hypocritical liberal West. For this reason, my personal and unpublished writings in 2008-09 focused on things like paganism and the Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela.

It is my opinion that Western civilisation is decaying and needs to consider radical new ideas in order to survive. Since 2009, the blog posts and videos of Survive the Jive have focused more on mythology, nature worship, Traditionalism and folklore but still espouse the same anti-consumerist ideals that I set out with. I got a Master’s degree in Medieval History in 2012, which greatly expanded my ideas on such subjects, particularly in regards to the values and religions of my ancestors and how these could be considered when trying to identify an alternative to global liberalism.

I continue to take an interest in non-Marxist forms of ethical socialism, polytheistic religions and any ideologies and philosophies which allow for a world view unconfined by the tyranny of universalism and the rootless cultural void of cosmopolitan Western capitalism. The most recent focus of the StJ project has been population genetics, with focus on the culture and identity of the Indo-Europeans.
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