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Friday, 14 October 2022

Anglo-Saxon roots of British Monarchy and the Coronation Ceremony

 His Majesty Charles III, King of the United Kingdom, will be crowned in May 2023 in a ritual which is nearly 1050 years old! The British monarchy and the ritual of coronation both have their origins in Anglo-Saxon England and its pagan kings who claimed descent from the King of the gods - Woden who the Vikings called Odin. In this video you will learn all the pagan elements that have survived in the modern coronation ritual - some of which date back to Ancient Rome!


Raven god by Christian Sloan Hall
Sky father by Andrew Whyte
Wartooth Viking by Christian Sloan Hall
Odin and Sleipnir by Christopher Steininger
Odin and dead by Christian Sloan Hall
Hengist and Horsa by Graman


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Friday, 30 September 2022

The Rise and Fall of Archaeology with Stone Age Herbalist

 Stone Age Herbalist is a dissident archaeologist, twitter personality and substack blogger. In this Jive Talk he describes the ancient origins of archaeology as a discipline, how it rose to a more rigorous practice in the modern era and then degenerated into modern woke archaeology. We discuss gay cavemen, transgender vikings, the migrations and invasions of Anglo-Saxons, Beaker folk, Yamnaya and others and finally end with a chat about anthropology in general.

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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Anglo-Saxon DNA proves the INVASION IS REAL!

'The Anglo-Saxon migration and the formation of the early English gene pool' by Joscha Gretzinger and colleagues (2022) has answered some of the much debated and controversial questions concerning the Anglo-Saxon invasion of England which began in the 5th century AD. The study finds that as much as 75% of the ancestry of skeletons from England in the cemeteries from that time comes from Germanic migrants from Germany and Denmark. In this video I break down and summarise the findings.


Monday, 12 September 2022

Ship of the Sun or Ship of the Dead? Stone Ships

Stone ship settings or Skeppssättning are amongst the most remarkable Viking age monuments in Scandinavia, but what were they for? They were built over a period of 2000 years from the Nordic bronze age until the end of the Viking age, mainly in grave fields but they weren’t just associated with burials and cremations as they were also used for a kind of meeting called a ‘Thing’. This video explains how the stone ships may relate first to a Bronze age cult of the sun in Gotland, and later to a Viking belief that the dead would need a vehicle for a journey to and from the underworld. The stone ship settings included in this film are Tjelvars grave in Gotland, Anundshög in Västmanland, Åsa domaresäte in Södermanland, Ängakåsen and Ale’s stones in Scania and the Jelling stone ship in Denmark.



Original works created for this video

Robert Molyneaux - CGI reconstruction of the Jelling stone ship in Denmark

Other art work used in the video

Christian Sloan Hall - Odin / First blood / Eastre dawn goddess
Roy Douglas - Vendel helmet cgi
Christopher Steininger - Ship to the otherworld animation
Stella Spente - Freyja in her chariot
Ryan Murray - Treudd ritual
Gemini Science - CGI ship burial
Graman - Sutton hoo burial
Eva Gjerde - Storhaug ship burial



The whole other - Ether oar 
Wolcensmen - Sunne (remix by Eternal Rik) 
Saichaika - Musica aeterna 
Halindir - Hedelandet II 
Bark sound productions - My 
Aaron Kenny - yonder hill and dale 
Patrick Patrikios - away 
Kevin MacLeod - Rites 
Stark von Oben - Praetorian Germanicus 
Stark von Oben - Winter Soulstice 
Ormgård - Séta 
Borg - Death of Winter 
Myling - Töcken 
Halindir - Hummocks in fog 
Rishi Shah - From Runes to Ruins 
Xurious - Steppe expansion