Saturday, 18 July 2020

Megalithic 'God-Kings' of the Megalith Culture - History Documentary

New discoveries in archaeology and ancient DNA have provided fascinating insights into the mysterious people who built Newgrange and Stonehenge. 2020 has seen the discovery of the world's largest prehistoric monument, a massive Mega-henge right next to Stonehenge at Durrington. At the same time, scientists have looked at the DNA of dozens of skeletons from Neolithic people of Britain and Ireland and realised that, far from being egalitarian, these megalith building societies had an elite caste comprised of what appear to be closely related, and in one case severely inbred, god-kings. Whilst looking through the new data, I came to realise that there was an interesting correlation among the phenotypes of this Neolithic elite - and I have a theory that the inbreeding may be related to a deliberate attempt to preserve archaic phenotypes from Mesolithic hunter gatherers, who the Neolithic invaders intermixed with when they first arrived in Britain and Ireland. In this new documentary you will learn all about megalithic people and their monuments; from passage tombs, to long barrows, dolmens and stone circles. Never before has such revealing light been shone into the darkness of this mysterious stone age culture.


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Bell beaker people by Christian Sloan Hall

Inbred god king by Alex Cristi

WHG by Ryan Murray

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"Is she really going out with him?" It is surprising to learn that the Neolithic colonisation of Britian and Ireland did not follow the familiar course which is usually repeated throughout history when advanced sedentary agricultural cultures encroach on the lands of indigenous hunter gatherers. Although most were replaced, they also intermixed. But it wasn't the farmer men who took native wives, it was the other way around! All of the paternal lineages of Neolithic Britain and Ireland came not from the Neolithic race themselves but from the smaller minority of native WHG men! This beautiful artwork by @artofryanmurray was created for my new video on the subject of the megalith builders and their DNA. It will be live tonight! #WHG #westernhuntergatherer #megalithicmarvels #megalith #neolithic #mesolithic #stonecircle #ancientbritain #ancientireland #newgrange #eef #huntergatherer #earlyfarming #ancienthistory

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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Is Devon Celtic? What's the difference between Devon and Cornwall?

There are some people who erroneously insist that Devon, like Cornwall, was founded on a Celtic rather than English identity. One such individual is attempting to rewrite local history on Wikipedia to claim that Devon is not English. That is simply not the case. Devon has more Anglo-Saxon DNA than Cornwall does, and has not preserved any Celtic language at all. In fact the Devon dialect uniquely preserves some archaic Old English elements which have been lost elsewhere, about which you can learn in the video below.