My name is Tom Rowsell, I'm an historian, writer and film maker from England. In my professional career I have worked as a journalist and an international Science Communications specialist.

I started Survive the Jive blog in 2007 after I graduated with a BA in Media and Communications. The blog initially focused on anti-surveillance and anti-consumerism. The first tag-line was "A guide to surviving the surveillance state for the i-Phoney generation". The name referred to all the technophilic fads and misinformation in the media at the time, which I termed "jive." I was working as a journalist in London from 2008, mainly writing about art and music for several magazines while I used this blog and the associated Survive the Jive YouTube channel to address more political matters such as the Bolivarian revolution of Venezuela

Since 2009, the blog posts and videos of Survive the Jive changed focus instead to look more at mythology, spirituality and folklore but I still espouse the same anti-consumerist ideals that I set out with. I got a Master’s degree in Medieval History at UCL in 2012, which greatly expanded my ideas on such subjects, particularly in regards to the values and religions of my Anglo-Saxon and Norse ancestors.

I continue to take an interest in polytheistic religions. The most recent direction of the StJ project since 2016 has been population genetics, with focus on the culture, identity and religion of the Indo-Europeans. My videos are based on thorough interdisciplinary research, drawing from archaeology, linguistics, historical sources, comparative mythology and population genetics - particularly archaeogenetics.

Most of my films are still about history; whether Anglo-Saxons, Neolithic bell-beaker folk or Indo-European invaders of India. I will endeavour to improve and expand the StJ project in the future with livestreams, public events and speaking tours.

The best way to learn about who I am and what I stand for is by watching my videos.

Contact me for bookings, collaborations or if you can help in any way.


Eddie howe said...

Your history blogs are world class

Dramit19 said...

Hey i am an indian with south chinese tai ancestry. Your videos are extremely informative.thanks

Sir Ryan Austin Wood said...

Hey there! I am form USA and I just found out where my family is from (Northumberland UK) and I really like to watch the history of my ancestors you bring out the facts and I appreciate your efforts!

Doug said...

The way you explain our past peoples opens ones eye to see our genetitc compound of who we are today, where we came from, who we came from the battle to keep our history preserved !!! Our ancestors need their people not to forget who they were

Janet Graham-Russell said...

Which bit of Northumerland do your folk come from?

Janet Graham-Russell said...

Hello Ryan. I am Northumbrian. You are probably looking at Anglo Saxon culture. The Vikings kind of left the North East of England alone. Look up Border Reivers and the early English Christian church.