Tuesday, 27 November 2007

ID Cards are still go!

25 million people's details lost! Your personal details are not secure! The evidence is there for all to see! The tabloids express their discontent and lack of faith in the bureaucratic system that is in place, but when the time comes will they or more importantly their readership speak out before a similar disaster can occur on a much larger scale? No! They will continue with their lives, filling in the forms, staying behind the ropes, keeping between the lines and keeping their heads down until the evening when they can either drink their livers into cirrhosis or absorb mind numbing distractions beamed into their brains through modern communication technology.

Journalist Henry Porter says a mass movement is needed if we are to stand a chance of slowing down the gradual erosion of the liberties our ancestors fought for. The scandal of 25 million people’s details being lost should serve as a fool proof argument that the government is not competent enough to be responsible for a centralized database containing so much personal information and the power that goes with it, but then a mass public march the like of which history has never seen should have been sufficient to encourage the new labour government not to pursue an illegal war for which we are yet to see the remotest shred of justification.


Some labour ministers are backing out of the ID card scheme after this scandal. But the pressure from the party leaders will soon change their minds. If new labour has taught us anything, its that incompetence deserves a second chance, and maybe a third, hell as many chances as they want! Tony Blair can have an illegal war, Sir Ian Blair can have innocent civilians shot on public transport and who is responsible? No one seemingly! They make their excuses and continue with their dream of ‘transformational government.’ I am getting increasingly concerned as to what exactly the government intends to transform Britain into.

Supreme ruler, Emperor Brown will soon continue with his pursuit after every dictator’s dream, total state control. Your finger prints, iris scan, DNA and every transaction, medical history and legal procedure in your life will be recorded onto a pocket size card. Your identity and history and your very genetic coding will be reduced to nothing but numbers in a database to make sure you obey the will of the government. I fear that to believe the proposed system will prevent identity theft is naivety. The fact that a chip and pin code will be introduced makes it fairly obvious even at this early stage that far from protecting us from ID fraud, the new database will leave us more vulnerable than ever before.

Our movements will be monitored far more closely in the future as well, it seems we are on a one way freight train to absolute civil subordination, Jacqui Smith will take away the freedom of movement that British citizens have enjoyed since the Second World War by continuing with her plans to demand 53 pieces of information from people before they travel abroad. And even travel within Britain will be closely monitored, the roads and streets are already littered with surveillance technology and now bags are to be screened on trains in the name of terrorism.


Besides the obvious problems this will create for the punctuality of the rail service, there is the humiliation of rail travellers to consider, particularly ethnic minorities who are likely to suffer most after these new measures are put in place to battle this elusive and mysterious enemy – international terrorism.

How can we go about making some change? After all the government ignore lobbying and protest marches, and refuse to admit they are incompetent despite the fact it has become painfully obvious to the rest of the world, which is a terrible embarrassment to the people of Britain. Write a letter! Tell your friends and family to get involved. Visit http://www.no2id.net/ to find out about local campaigns. Your time and contribution could make all the difference in the fight for freedom.

contact your local MP here


and let them know how you feel!

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