Thursday, 7 April 2022

PAGAN FUTURES: London Conference

  • Date –   25th June 2022

  • Place –   London, UK

  • Theme –   European polytheistic traditions in a globalised future

Pagans represent a small but growing force within the diverse religious landscape of the UK and Europe at large. Despite this, the philosophical and political foundations of British, and Western institutions in general, presume common values predicated on thought systems which exclude pagans. How can the integrity of our tradition be upheld going forward?

Key Points

  • This conference is being organised in association with the Survive the Jive™ Historical Research Project.
  • The theme of this conference is- 'Preserving European spiritual traditions in a globalised future'.
  • The purpose of this conference is to bring together polytheist thought leaders of the Indo-European traditions to consider building a philosophical framework for preserving the integrity of our traditions within an emerging new world order
  • Historian, YouTuber and renowned polytheist Thomas Rowsell known for the Survive the Jive YouTube channel shall be the keynote speaker.
  • Dr.Borja Vilallonga, Ph.D. is a scholar of history and religion previously at Columbia University, New York University, and the University of Newcastle. He has devoted his research to the relationship between traditional religion and modernity and runs a YouTube channel called 'The Modern Platonist'
  • There will a live musical performance from the pagan folk artist Wolcensmen
  • Audience participation is encouraged during a Q and A session with the speakers
  • It is estimated there are over 250,000 pagan polytheists in the UK in addition to a similar number of Hindus
  • Current political rhetoric regarding alleged ‘common values’ of ‘global humanity’ deliberately marginalises, excludes or misrepresents the deeply held beliefs of polytheists
  • Advancements in technology pose challenges to those who uphold pagan systems of ethics
  • Let us address these issues and more, together

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