Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Children of Venezuela - Photo Gallery

Venezuela is frequently depicted in the media as being an unstable nation. The controversial government of President Hugo Chavez has divided the people of Venezuela. His choice of controversial allies and inflammatory comments have made him unpopular with the American government.

The children of Venezuela live in uncertain times. Will the Bolivarian revolutionary government unite the nation and help the underclass pull itself free from poverty? Chavez' recent Russian weapons deal and agreement to ship oil to Iran is likely to antagonize America even more.

"The Russian government approved a $2.2 billion loan for weapons," Mr. Chavez said. "And we must thank them."

These photos of children in Venezuela are an insight into a more intimate side of the nation's identity than is usually shown. These children from around the country will bear witness to whatever the future holds for their nation.

All photos by Tom Rowsell. Click images to see full size.

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