Friday, 15 July 2022

PAGAN FUTURES - Talks, photos and Key points

Panel at pagan futures confernce

The playlist below contains the talks of Dr. Borja Vilallonga and myself, Tom Rowsell, as well as the live musical performances by Wolcensmen and the Q and A panel session with the three of us interacting with the audience.

borja vilallonga at pagan futures in london

Tom Rowsell at pagan futures

Wolcensmen performing at Pagan Futures

Several people have requested that I post the summary of the core assertions of pagan belief from the talk as text for people to refer to. To reiterate them simply; 
  • We revere nature as a path to the divine and therefore require access to sacred natural spaces 
  • We revere death as a path to the divine and therefore reject any ideology that seeks to escape death
  • We revere our bodies as a gift from the gods - which were created according to divine will and are therefore neither incomplete nor imperfect - but must be maintained and kept healthy and strong 
  • We believe that the diversity of mankind is a manifestation of divine will, not a problem to be overcome - and that to approach the divine we must follow the example of our own ancestors, revering the sacred spaces of our own ancestral homelands in order to become closer to the gods of our ancestors
  • We must therefore live in accordance with our own ancestral laws and customs
My talk "Pagan Tradition in a Globalized Future" is also available on Odysee and several podcasting websites.

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